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Was today “That Game” for the 2017 Chicago Cubs?

Was today the day that turned non-believers back into believers? Was today the day that a long line of multiple one game winning streaks start? Was today the day Ian Happ becomes a rookie of the year contender? Was today the day the bats awoke and the Chicago Cubs offense becomes consistent and possibly dominant? Was today the day that Jon Jay becomes the Cubs “Leader in the Clubhouse”?

I am not sure what today was or what it will lead to? I do know however it was Cubtastic!! Are the “Never Quit” Chicago Cubs back? The game started out like so many have and so many of Chicago Cubs starting pitcher John Lackey (5.20 ERA) starts have. Lackey gave up a single run in the top of the first. The offense tried to battle right back with runners in scoring position but could not deliver. You could hear a pin drop after that and all the way through the first five and a half innings. Lackey went on to throw 6 innings giving up 6 hits, 3 runs along with quite possibly giving us his new 2017 saying.

At this point no one informed the Chicago Cubs faithful that they Joe Maddon had a Fireworks show in the form of Jon Jay off of the bench. Jay came up to bat with 2 runners on and sent a rocket blast into the bleachers to tie it up for the Boys in Blue 3-3. Jay has the support of his clubhouse and todays starting pitcher too it seems.

Anthony Rizzo was able to drive in two more runs along with Ian “Mr. July” Happ. This writer and the Cubsessed Cubs fan really hope today “Was the game” that push the 2017 Chicago Cubs to the promise land “again”. Brewers @ Cubs 1:20 pm CT Mike Montgomery (1-5,2.80 ERA) versus Zach Davies (9-4, 5.03).

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Iamcubsessed with the Chicago Cubs. My Cubsession started at birth like most Cubs fans. Being a Chicago Cubs fan has taught me how to handle the ups and downs everyone comes across in their real lives. My sports motto has always been "Believe or Leave". I choose to Believe and cheer for the North Siders in a positive way, Go Cubs!