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Its been a Happ July so far Cubsessed Cubs fans.

Ian “Hockey Smile” Happ just had his third 4 RBI game of his rookie season. Happ has played in 44 Major League baseball games while hitting .252 BA, 10 HR and 23 RBI. His bat has been on fire since Spring Training. The Chicago Cubs had to make a tough decision instead of start him on the big league team they decided to send him to triple A Iowa for more seasoning. Happ did not disappoint in 26 games he .298, 9 HR, 25 RBI.

Ian was called up on May thirteenth and did not disappoint. Happ delivered a two run homer in the seventh inning for his first major league hit. Hitting a home run has become a common thing now amongst Chicago Cubs rookies. He was the fifth Cubs player in the past 25 seasons to homer in his big league debut. Happ made the Cubs choice to leave him at the big league level with his consistent fielding and patient eye in the batters box. On June thirteenth Happ hit a big grand slam to break open a game that led him and his teammates to much needed victory.

Today Ian Happ brought the lumber to the park and the Chicago Cubs needed it. After 2 straight games that lacked a consistent offensive punch. Happ put the Cubs on his shoulders and blasted two home runs and drove in 4 RBI. Although not much seems to phase this youngster who is quickly being recognized for not showing much facial expression not even a smile after a home run. He is quickly delivering an ear to ear grin to all the Cubsessed Chicago Cubs fans.

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Iamcubsessed with the Chicago Cubs. My Cubsession started at birth like most Cubs fans. Being a Chicago Cubs fan has taught me how to handle the ups and downs everyone comes across in their real lives. My sports motto has always been "Believe or Leave". I choose to Believe and cheer for the North Siders in a positive way, Go Cubs!