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The 2017 Chicago Cubs are so inconsistent its becoming Consistent

The 2017 Chicago Cubs Roller Coaster continues to have big drops, breath taking highs, heart wrenching lows, cork screw twists and razor sharp turns. At this point in the season they are 37-36 a game over .500. Just when you think they have the pitching and hitting going on the right direction after a 16 hit barrage last night. They have offensive games like tonight. So far this season the 2017 Chicago Cubs have been shut out as many times in 2017 as they were in all of 2016. The offensive inconsistency is becoming a consistent that Cubs fans can count on unfortunately.

The offense was riding high last night with record nights for some players and break out at bats for others. Basically the same group of players last year reveled in the tag line “Never Quit”. The 2016 Chicago Cubs never seemed to be out of games no matter the run differential or late inning scenario. This years team has been plagued by giving up early inning runs from the starting pitching, blown leads by relievers and inconsistent hitting. What ever they did last year to corral this young group of hitters did not roll over to 2017. In a much-needed but still shocking move World Series hero turned lead off hitter Kyle Schwarber was sent to Triple A Iowa to correct his swing. With that said it one thing that seems to be consistent is Manager Joe Madden and even tonight’s starting pitcher referencing how young the talented team is.

“You have to remember they’re pretty young,” Lackey said. “We have a lot of guys still learning, making adjustments in the game. The talent is there. You like our chances in the end for those guys to do good stuff.”

“It is youthful,” Maddon said of his inconsistent offense. “I don’t want to keep saying that but it’s true. It just is. These guys need more at-bats to figure out what not to swing at and how to battle better utilizing (the opposite) side of the field.

“That’s where the production is going to come in. If they don’t want to give you the pull side, if a pitcher is good enough not permit you to have your pull side, then you have to do something else.”

Starting Pitcher John Lackey (5-8 4.74) had a decent night giving up 3 hits, 2 runs 1 earned and striking out 4. His season long issue has been the long ball. And tonight that came at the hands of Marlins superstar Giancarlo Stanton a mammoth 458 foot solo shot over the weird pink flamingo statue. Never the less Lackey pitched good enough to get a win if the offense could have supported him. On the other side of the diamond the Miami Marlin starting pitcher Jose Arena (6-2 3.33) continued his hot streak tossing 6 scoreless innings notching his fifth win over his last 7 starts.

Saturdays starter Jon Lester (4-4 3.83 ERA) is 3 strike outs away from 500 as a Chicago Cub versus Justin Nicolino (0-1 5.06 ERA)

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