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We flipped another one Dozer, Go Cubs Go!

Written by Aimee Moore Wren

Unlike a lot of people I know, I am not a lifelong Cubs fan, I actually grew up a Cardinals fan. My Grandpa’s cousin, Lester Leroy Fusselman, that my Grandpa grew up playing ball with, even played for the Cardinals. My first MLB game was a Cardinals/Cubs double header at Wrigley Field that my Grandpa took me too. I grew up watching the Cardinals/Cubs rivalry on TV and living it in my neighborhood with my oldest friend, a Cubs fan. In 2015, when my friend passed away and the Cardinals and Cubs met in the playoffs, it just didn’t feel right anymore to root against Steffie’s Cubs.

The following year, my 8 year old son was a Cubs fan and had really began getting into the game and especially following the Cubs. The 2016 playoffs were exciting and fun to watch with my friends, my family, and especially with my son Will. We were lucky enough to be at many of the playoff games and even the World Series games at Wrigley Field. I have been to quite a few World Series games in the past, even for the Cardinals.


The games in Chicago were very different though. On November 2nd, Game 7 came and I decided to stay home so Mitch could head to Cleveland and I could watch the game at home with Will. And then that night the unbelievable happened, the Cubs won the World Series. I was so excited for Mitch who got to be there to see history, for Will, who had fallen asleep next to me, and especially for my friend, Stephanie Mendoza, who I know it meant everything to. That night I cried tears of joy and tears of sadness all at the same time…that was the night a lifelong Cardinals fan became a Cubs fan.

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Iamcubsessed with the Chicago Cubs. My Cubsession started at birth like most Cubs fans. Being a Chicago Cubs fan has taught me how to handle the ups and downs everyone comes across in their real lives. My sports motto has always been "Believe or Leave". I choose to Believe and cheer for the North Siders in a positive way, Go Cubs!