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June 7, 1982 Cubs select Shawon Dunston as the #1 pick in the MLB Draft.

Written Bt Bruce Weirauch,

June 7, 1982
Th Chicago Cubs select Shawon Dunston as the #1 pick in the MLB Draft.
The MLB draft used to be much more of a crap shoot compared to today. Top high school prospects participate in showcases against each other, and there is much more film on each player than there was nearly 40 years ago.
But, you never know how coming into money will affect people, or, how they go from hitting over .700 like Dunston did to struggling to get a hit, like most young hitters experience.

Dunston was a good player who played for a long time. He made a couple of All Star teams, and was certainly nowhere near a bust. Of the first 28 players taken, Dunston was one of the 4 who made an All Star Team, none of the 28 is going to the HOF 10 of the 28 never made it to the majors.

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