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June 3, 1987 Chicago Cubs & Houston Astros combine for 3 Grand Slams.

Written by Bruce Weirauch,

June 3, 1987
Chicago Cubs & Houston Astros combine for 3 Grand Slams. Keith Moreland hits 2 HR & 7 RBI. Jody Davis scores 5 runs Cubs defeat Astros 22-7. Houston manager Hal Lanier was hot after the loss.

”Anytime you give up runs every inning, it looks like you`re not even trying,” Lanier fumed after a postgame clubhouse meeting. ”There`s no excuse for that.

”You come out to the ballpark every day for one reason, and that`s to beat the other team. That`s why I`m out here and that`s why the players should be out here. And those who don`t will not be here, as far as I`m concerned.”

”I think that the way Andre is swinging the bat just rubs off on everybody,” said Sandberg. ”He`s got a lot to do with the way the whole team is swinging the bat.

”This game was definitely different. My at-bats after the third inning . . . there was no sense in even picking up a sign at third base because he

(coach John Vukovich) wasn`t giving any. There was nothing we could do. There was a man on first base and no outs (in the third inning), and I looked down there and he was just looking out toward the outfield.”

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