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RIP Keith “Cubs Win” Case

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Written by Amber Case

Keith Cubs Win Case has been through hell and back over the last two years after being diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease and Salivary Gland Cancer sadly he lost that battle today. Last month his cancer came back as Stage IV Parotid Gland Cancer that traveled to his Brain, Sacrum and Femur. 

All he wants is to be able to watch his children grow up, as he lives for his family. 

With our three children: Kyla-10, Kadence-12 and Kain-15 and Keith unable to work, this places me as the only one bringing in any income and our finances are really taking a hit and bills and expenses to drive back and forth to Iowa City for medical appointments and treatment is becoming expensive. I am looking for a second job to help cover some of the additional costs to help for the future.

We appreciate any amount of donations to help alleviate some of the extra stress of worrying about finances during this difficult time in our lives.

Please share and God Bless! 🙂

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Iamcubsessed with the Chicago Cubs. My Cubsession started at birth like most Cubs fans. Being a Chicago Cubs fan has taught me how to handle the ups and downs everyone comes across in their real lives. My sports motto has always been "Believe or Leave". I choose to Believe and cheer for the North Siders in a positive way, Go Cubs!