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Cubs GM Jed Hoyer talks Cubs baseball and the Dancing Bullpen.

Jed Hoyer was on 670 the Score talking to Bernstein and Goff about everything around Chicago Cubs baseball. Here are are a few good quotes from the interview today and his thoughts pos Joe from an interview he had on Monday.

According to Chicago Cubs General Manager the top brass has a meeting every morning to scan new players who passed waivers for an August trade. “We’re vigilant,” Jed Hoyer says. The Cubs will look to add to the bullpen when rosters expand in September. He also talked about the need for a pinch-runner, another pinch-hitter and third catcher too. “As guys fatigue they’re more susceptible to injuries.”

On Monday during an interview he gave his assessment of the the Cubs organization, himself and Joe Maddon.

“Collectively from top to bottom, we have not had the kind of year we had last season or the year before,” Hoyer said Monday evening before the Cubs hosted the Reds. “I think that assessment is on everybody. I would not single out anything that Joe hasn’t done. As a group starting with Theo (Epstein) and me, we have not played as sharp. That is something we have to find. The good thing about baseball is we still have 46 games to find it. Now we are in a race with three other teams and need to find it.”

“I love the fact the bullpens dance after home runs … They probably feel a little more separated than before.” Hoyer said.

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